Brewery, Restaurant and Taproom

Dining Room Now Open!

Serving Beer, Cocktails, Wine, Cider and Food!


Monday - 4:00PM to 11:00PM

Tuesday - 4:00PM to 11:00PM

Wednesday - 4:00PM to 11:00PM

Thursday - 4:00PM to 11:00PM

Friday- 4:00PM to 12:00AM

Saturday - 12:00PM to 12:00AM

Sunday - 12:00PM to 8:00PM


Locally Sourced × Crafted with Love



Beer List

Blondie Bree (Blonde Ale): 5.3% ABV, IBU 19              10oz - $3.00… 16oz - $5.00 |Growlers **64oz - $12 / 32oz - $8

A Proper easy drinking staple ale with a nice subtle sweetness, yet is dry, refreshing and finished with a Kolsch yeast that really brings great flavor.


Gabi Wit (Belgian Wit): 5.0% ABV, IBU 19                     10oz - $3.00… 16oz - $5.00 |Growlers **64oz - $12 / 32oz - $8

Our version of the classic Belgian Witbier beer. Brewed with German Wheat and Pilsen malt. Our Gabi has a distinctive fruity banana flavor and aroma and is spiced with coriander and orange peel.


Apri-Not (Wheat Ale): 5.5% ABV, IBU 14                      10oz - $3.00… 16oz - $5.00 |Growlers **64oz - $12 / 32oz - $8

A crisp and refreshing American Wheat Ale with a hint of Apricot.


Panther Pale Ale (Pale Ale): 5.8% ABV, IBU 50            10oz - $3.00… 16oz - $5.00 |Growlers **64oz - $12 / 32oz - $8

In Panther Version 4 we reduced the bitterness and increased the late hop additions of Simcoe and Cascade to give this Pale more malt flavor to compliment the Citrus and Earthy flavors of the hops.


No Soul (Pale Ale): 6.4% ABV, IBU 65                            10oz - $3.00… 16oz - $5.00 |Growlers **64oz - $12 / 32oz - $8

A well balanced multi grain version of the classic red ale that is smooth, with a copper body and crisp clean character. Distinctively brewed with American hops of Chinook, Centennial and Cascade.


Luna Eclipse (IPA): 6.9% ABV, IBU 70                            10oz - $4.00… 16oz - $6.00 |Growlers **64oz - $15 / 32oz - $9

Brewed for the Upper Bucks BrewFest, late hops additions of Citra and Galaxy hops gives this IPA a fruity and tropical profile. While the Equinox hop throws in a hint of lemon, lime, apple, and green pepper.


Cinema Citra (IPA): 7.0% ABV, IBU = 74                         10oz - $4.00… 16oz - $6.00 |Growlers **64oz - $15 / 32oz - $9 This beer showcases the amazing Citra hop. The flavor profile is incredibly fruity, crisp and refreshing


Prop-er Cherry Stout: 5.5% ABV, IBU 24                      10oz - $3.00… 16oz - $5.00 |Growlers **64oz - $12 / 32oz - $8 The Proper’s No Name Stout brewed with local cherry coffee beans.  The cherry favor compliments the sweet body very well.


No Name Stout (on Nitro): 5.5% ABV, IBU 24                                                                            10oz - $3.00 | 16oz - $5.00

A Chocolate Milk Stout brewed with English malts and hops with lots of Chocolate Malt and Roasted Barley added and rested on Ecuador Cocoa nips during fermentation.


Oh Good Morning! (on Nitro): 5.5% ABV, IBU 24                                                                     10oz - $3.00 | 16oz - $5.00

Our Milk Stout brewed with Expresso Coffee and Cocoa nips to give it nice chocolate and coffee favor.


The Proper Snakebite                                                                                                                    10oz - $4.00 / 16oz - $6.00

 Our Cherry Stout mixed with the Stone and Key’s Cherry Pie cider


Flight of 4 – 5oz                                                                                                                                      $8.00

Proper Pint Glass                                                                                                                                              $6.00

Proper Growler with fill                                                                                                                                 $20.00

Proper Growler (Bottle Only)                                                                                                                        $12.00

Growler 32oz (Bottle Only)                                                                                                                             $5.00



**Growlers are Take Out Only and not available with beers on Nitro**



Current Cocktail List

** All our cocktails feature spirits from local distilleries**

Faber (Quakertown). Boardroom (Lansdale), County Seat (Allentown)

Cranberry Lemonade - $9

Boardroom Spirits Cranberry Vodka | Fresh Lemon Juice | Splash of Club Soda

In Proper Fashion - $10

County Seat Hidden River Bourbon | Muddled Orange Cherry and Lemon | Orange Bitters | Splash of Club Soda 

Freaky Tiki – (Kosmo) - $9

Faber Orange Vodka |Triple Sec | Lime | Orange | Cranberry Juice

White Girl Wasted – (Daiquiri) - $8.50

Fabor White Rum | Lime Juice

Ginga Ninja - $9

Boardroom Gin | Fresh Lime Juice | Club Soda

Berry Smash – $9

Faber Pomegranate Vodka | Blueberry Syrup | Cranberry Juice | Fresh Lemon and Lime Juice

Lavender Little Pod - $8.50

Faber Vanilla Vodka | Fresh Lemon Juice | Lavender Syrup

Krazy Kris - $8

Fabor Vanilla Vodka | Prop-er Cherry Stout

Moody Mel J - $8.5

Faber Vanilla Vodka | Pineapple Juice | Grenadine Syrup

Wine List


Karamoor Estates - 2013 Merlot                                                                                                                                 $8.00

A generous offering of cherry-pie fruit and toasted vanilla are accompanied by hints of fennel, cinnamon, and clove notes.  Very soft tannins with good acidity and balance invite sip after sip of this supple, medium-bodied Merlot.


Karamoor Estates - 2013 Cabernet Franc                                                                                                                  $8.00

Ripe Bing cherry, hints of bay laurel and earth fragrances, reminiscent of black trumpet mushroom, dominate the aromatics of Karamoor's top selling wine.  


Blue Mountain Vineyards – 2013 Shiraz – Finger Lakes Silver Medal Winner                                                  $8.00

Medium bodied. Balanced undertones of blackberries and plum.  Pleasant spice in a long lingering finish with a hint of vanilla.




Karamoor Estates - 2013 Chardonnay Gold Medal winner                                                                                   $8.00

Green apple, lemongrass, flint, and an essence of pear blossom dominate the aromatic profile in this fruit driven style of Chardonnay. 


Karamoor Estates - 2015 Sauvignon Blanc                                                                                                               $8.00

Tropical aromatics of pineapple & coconut with a hint of honeysuckle lead to a flavor profile of Meyer lemon and flinty minerality.  This mouth-watering, full bodied Sauvignon Blanc is framed by bright acidity and ends with a long & lingering finish. 


Blue Mountain Vineyards – 2014 Riesling– Finger Lakes Silver Medal Winner                                             $7.00

This full bodied, dry Riesling is wonderfully fruit forward a burst of citrus before giving way to a long, dry, and smooth finish with hints of orange peel.


Wine Flight of 4 – 2oz                                                                                                                                $12.00


Blush and Sweet Wines

Blue Mountain Vineyards –  Bri’s Blush                                                                                                                    $6.00                           

Undertones of mixed berries give this wine a fresh and fruity taste, with a light refreshing finish.


Blue Mountain Vineyards –  Victoria’s Passion                                                                                                       $6.00                           

Full bodied and semi-sweet. Flavors of rich raspberries give way to a rich smooth finish that isn't too sweet.


Blue Mountain Vineyards –  Mountain Frost                                                                                                          $6.00                           

Very sweet with undertones of nectar and honey.  Incredibly smooth and fruity.  Excellent as a dessert wine!.


Stone & Key Cellars – Keys Series

Blueberry Pinot Noir                                                                                                                                                   $6.00

Strawberry White Merlot                                                                                                                                          $6.00

Green Apple Riesling                                                                                                                                                  $6.00

Peach Apricot Chardonnay                                                                                                                                        $6.00

Seville Orange Sangria                                                                                                                                                $6.00


Sweet Wine Flight of 4 – 3oz                                                                                                                  $10.00




                                                                     Cider List

Stone & Key Cellars (Montgomeryville PA)           Featuring apples from Solebury Orchard in New Hope PA


Solely  – Bright, crisp, refreshing Apple cider                                           10oz - $4.00 / 16oz - $6.00/ 64oz - $15.00


Cherry Pie - Infused with Tart Cherries                                                      10oz - $6.00 / 16oz - $8.00/ 64oz - $20.00b


Cider Flight of 4 – 5oz                                                                                                                                 $10.00

Wine and Cider Flight (2 -2oz Wines and 2 – 5oz Ciders)                                                                    $12.00

Our Food Menu

** Kitchen Closes one hour prior to our Pub. However, a few late night items are available**



Judes Vegan Chili – Cup-$5….Bowl-$7

Mushrooms | Chopped Vegetables | Tomatoes

Black Beans | Spices

Our “New” House Mac N Cheese - $9

Made with our Gabi Wit Beer Cheese - add Bacon - $1 … Add Lobster $2.50

Bavarian Pretzel Twist-$4 for one…$10 for three

Served with our Blondie Bree infused Beer Cheese Dip

The Proper Session Plate-$7

Local bologna | Pepperoni | White Cheddar | Crackers | Yellow Mustard

The Proper Hummus-$8

Pita Bread | Pepperoncini | Kalamata Olives

Pickled Onions | Feta Cheese

Loaded Fries-$9

BBQ Pork | Bacon | Cheddar | Mozzarella | Spicy No Soul Sauce | BBQ Sauce

Loaded Nachos-$7

Beef | Cheese Sauce | Pickled Jalapeno | Mango Salsa

Buffalo Chicken Dip-$5

Chicken Tenders with Fries-$7

Basket of Fries -$3

add Cheese-$1

Basket of Sweet Potato Fries -$5

Chicken Quesadilla-$9

Chicken | Mozzarella/Cheddar Cheese | Pico | Guacamole and sour cream in the side



No Name BBQ | Ranch | Garlic Parmesan (mild) | Horseradish (med) | Medium | No Soul (spicy) | Inferno (hot)


Add Chicken -$4 | Add Salmon - $9 | Add Ahi Tuna - $11

Mixed Green Salad - $8

Mixed Greens | Sliced Pear | Blue Cheese Crumbles

Candied Walnuts | White Balsamic Vinaigrette

The Wedge-$7

Iceberg | Bleu Cheese | Tomato | Onions | Bacon


Romaine | Chef’s Caesar Dressing | Parmesan | Beer Battered Croutons


Mozzarella | Basil | Tomato | Balsamic Reduction



Corned Beef | Sauerkraut | Baby Swiss | Russian Dressing | Rye Bread

The Proper Philly-$12

Toasted Pretzel Bun | Roast Beef Au Jus | House Beer Cheese Sauce | Sautéed White Onion

The Proper Chicken Club - $12

Marinated Chicken Breast | Bacon | Brie Cheese

Roasted Garlic Mayo | Leaf Lettuce | Tomato

BBQ Pork-$11

Braised Pork | BBQ sauce | Cheese | Bacon | House Slaw

Chicken Salad (Wrap or Sandwich)-$8

Chicken | Toasted Walnuts | Grapes | Red Onions | Lettuce | Tomato | Mayo

California Chicken Cheesesteak-$10

Shredded Chicken | American cheese | Lettuce | Tomato | Mayo | Sautéed Onions


Chopped Beef | Marinara Sauce | Sautéed Onions | Pickled Jalapeno’s | Mozzarella | Cheddar

Adult Grilled Cheese - $9

 Pesto | Mozzarella Cheese | Tomato | Bacon


All Sandwiches are served with Fries and a pickle

Sub Sweet Potato Fries - $1.50

Sub Side Salad - $2.50



Fish and Chips - $13

Panther Pale Ale Battered Market Fish | Fries

Malt Vinegar |Tartar | House Slaw


Seared Ahi Tuna Sandwich - $16

   Ahi | Sesame Soy Mayo | Pickled Ginger

Mixed Greens | served with cole slaw


Atlantic Salmon - $14

 Fresh Salmon | Fingerling Potatoes | Salad

        Venezuelan Pesto



Cheese Burger-$12

Aged Sirloin | American cheese | Lettuce | Tomato | Mayo | Add Bacon $1

Shenanigan’s Burger-$13

Aged Sirloin |America Cheese| Bacon | Spring Mix | 1000 Island sauce | Chopped dill pickle

No Soul Burger-$13.50

Aged Sirloin | Spicy No Soul sauce | Bleu Cheese | Spring Mix | Pickled Jalapenos | Bacon

Panther Patty Melt Burger-$13

Aged Sirloin | Grilled Texas Toast | Cheddar | Provolone | Tomato | Bacon

Surf & Turf Burger-$15

Aged Sirloin | Mozzarella | Sautéed Onions | Bacon Crumble |Shredded Lobster

Deluxe Cheeseburger-$14

Aged Sirloin | Mozzarella | Cheddar | American | Bacon | Spring Mix | Tomato | Avocado | Fried Egg

All Sandwiches are served with Regular or

Sweet Sugar Fries and a pickle

Add Onion Rings - $2.50

Add Side Salad - $2.50


Coke, Cherry Coke, Sprite, Diet Coke, Ginger Ale, Iced Tea, Sweet Tea, Unsweetened Tea, Apple Juice - $1


Coffee –$1


Root Beer - $2

Dessert Menu:


Root Beer Float-$4

Stout Float-$6

Ice Cream Sundae-$4

Also a Proper exclusive:  Desserts from The Meyers Farm Bakery

Apple Dumpling-$7

     Drizzled with our special

        Proper Cherry Stout Caramel sauce

                           Also available for Take Out                      


        Pie of the Week- $5


Hoppy Hours

Mug Club Monday also from 4PM to 7PM - $1.00 off all Beer, Wine and Cider

$3 Mini Cheese Steak and Wings Tuesday also from 4PM to 7PM - $1.00 off all Beer, Wine and Cider.

$12.95 All You Can Eat Wings Night

Wine Down Wednesday - 5PM to 8PM - $1.00 off all Wines and Apps

Proper Thursday and Fundraiser Night - 4PM to 7PM - $1.00 off all Beers 

Acoustic Friday - 4PM to 6PM - $1.00 off all Drinks



The Proper Brewing Company Banquet Hall Information

The Palace Theater Room

Rental Rates:


Monday - Thursday Morning or Afternoon - $150.00

Monday through Thursday evening - $250.00

Friday Afternoon - $200.00

Friday Evening - $350.00

Saturday Afternoon - $300.00

Saturday Evening - $450.00

Sunday Afternoon or Evening - $350.00

The Palace Room (former home of The Palace Theater) is our private banquet room located behind The Proper Brewing Company’s Brewpub. The unique space can comfortably seat a total of 140 guests.


12 Round Banquet tables - 96 Guests

3 Rectangle tables - 24 Guests

5 High Top Antique tables - 20 Guests


Our recommended Caterer is Dominick’sPizza , however guests can bring their own catering service.


A Cash Bar is available along with Open Bar Packages as follows:


Open Bar Packages for Beer, Wine, Cider and Spirits


Two Hours ….. $19.95 per person

Three Hours ….. $21.95 per person

Four Hours ….. $24.95 per person




In addition to the room and beverage costs, the following fees are applied to all events

·         $100.00 refundable Security Deposit required upon reservation

·         18% Service Charge with any Bar service based on the rental amount

·         6% PA Sales Tax


Events are allocated four (4) hours. Addition time is available at $100 per hour.

No nails, tacks, staples, scotch tape or anything that penetrates the walls should be used. Masking tape or putty are acceptable. Glitter or confetti is not permitted.

About Us.

The Proper Brewing Company is very excited to be a part of the Qbuakertown Revitalization Project and is located in Historic Downtown Quakertown. Our goal is to create a relaxed and comfortable neighborhood Brewpub, promoting local live music and supporting the community.

We offer up to 12 craft beers on tap and all brewed on site in our brewery.

Our cocktails are made with craft spirits from the local area. Along with fresh house-made juices and syrups.  

The wines and ciders served at The Proper come from local wineries throughout Bucks and Montgomery Counties.

Our food is fresh and along with our supplies, is sourced from local family owned providers as much as possible.

We strongly support our community and give back as much as possible, as fostering town community and family environments are our main priorities.

Owners Brian and Kris Wilson live locally and have made Quakertown their home for the past 13 years.


(267) 490-5168



117 W Broad Street

Quakertown, PA 



Mon- 4 pm–11 pm

Tues - 4 pm-11 pm

Weds - 4 pm–11 pm

Thur 4 pm–11 pm

Fri 4 pm–12 am

Sat 12 pm-12 am

Sun 12 pm-8 pm - Brewery Operations and General Info - Banquet Hall Rentals, Private Parties in Front Room, Music Bookings and Staff Hiring